patch to add a PAMServiceName config option

Kevin Steves stevesk at
Sat Dec 28 08:01:37 EST 2002

On Thu, Dec 05, 2002 at 11:44:11AM +0000, pod wrote:
> I append a patch against openssh-3.5p1.tar.gz which adds a config option
> PAMServiceName.  The option allows one to specify the PAM service at
> runtime in the config file rather than using __progname or having it
> hardwired to SSHD_PAM_SERVICE at compile time.  I expect this to be useful
> if one wants to run multiple instances of sshd using different PAM
> configurations.
> With this patch SSHD_PAM_SERVICE is not used in auth-pam.c so I moved the
> definition out of auth-pam.h into servconf.h.  Effectively
> SSHD_PAM_SERVICE now merely supplies the default service name.  I'm not
> convinced that servconf.h is the correct place for it.

we don't need an option for this.  use __progname.

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