patch to add a PAMServiceName config option

Flavien Lebarbe flavien at
Sun Dec 29 00:32:59 EST 2002

> > With this patch SSHD_PAM_SERVICE is not  used  in  auth-pam.c  so  I
> > moved the definition out of auth-pam.h into servconf.h.  Effectively
> > SSHD_PAM_SERVICE now merely supplies the default service  name.  I'm
> > not convinced that servconf.h is the correct place for it.

Kevin Steves wrote :
> we don't need an option for this. use __progname.

Yes. That's the answer. I posted a similar patch to this list  a  couple
of weeks ago to achieve the same. It's not needed at  all.  The  correct
way to change the pamServiceName, is to call sshd with a different name,
using a link.

I use this on a machine and it works like a charm :

ln -s sshd /usr/sbin/sshd_remote

Then I  start  sshd_remote  -f  /etc/ssh/sshd_remote_config  (starts  on
another   port   than   regular   sshd),   and   am   able   to   change
/etc/pam.d/sshd_remote independently from /etc/pam.d/sshd.

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