patch to add a PAMServiceName config option

pod pod at
Sun Dec 29 01:44:17 EST 2002

>>>>> "KS" == Kevin Steves <stevesk at> writes:

    KS> we don't need an option for this.  use __progname.

I quite accept that this patch won't be merged and that __progname is a
way to achieve a similar effect.  However, I make two points in favour of
the patch.

Firstly if sshd is compiled with, say, -DSSHD_PAM_SERVICE="ssh" then you
can no longer use __progname to change the PAM service name.  The service
name is always "ssh".  [Debian do this.  It may be as a result of
deliberate policy.  It may be a packaging bug.  I haven't pursued
further.  This was my original motivation for creating the patch.]

Secondly forcing use of __progname comes close to mixing two different
namespaces, namely the namespace of executables and the namespace of PAM
services (or, alternatively, files in /etc/pam.d or wherever).  [If Debian
were to compile such that the PAM service name came from __progname they
also have to arrange for the _daemon_ executable to be invoked with
argv[0] "ssh".  It all seems to become a little messy.]

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