Files >2GB?

Jim Knoble jmknoble at
Thu Feb 21 18:22:21 EST 2002

Circa 2002-Feb-20 19:45:32 -0600 dixit Austin Gonyou:

: Looking at the source of 2.9* portable, there is no refernce to
: largefile anywhere. 
: 3.0.x does just fine.
: I was a little upset to see that cause in the 2.9px anouncment I found
: on google, >2gb files was listed as a feature/fix. 
: I'm having a little trouble getting the src rpm to compile
: I'm going to just use the source..

Why don't you use the source RPM (or the binary one, if you're on Red
Hat Linux 7.2) from  Damien's pretty good about making
sure it works (and in fact the source RPM build fine on releases as old
as RHL-6.2).

: configure: WARNING: ****** Your snprintf() function is broken, complain
: to your vendor

What system are you building on?  You shouldn't get this on any recent
system, unless you've done something weird with either OpenSSH's source
or your system include files.  Or, potentially, you have a broken
compiler installation...?

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