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------- Additional Comments From ssklar at stanford.edu  2002-02-23 06:24 -------
I think you're experiencing a problem that I first posted to the list about in March of 2001.  (I got no response.)  Below is the contents of the mail that I posted back then ...

I believe that there is a bug in OpenSSH that affects its usage on AIX 4.3.3 - Maintenance Level 3 and higher.  This bug was introduced by a change by IBM in the "/usr/lib/drivers/ptydd" driver, and it affected IBM's own telnetd daemon (reference <http://techsupport.services.ibm.com/rs6000/aix.uhuic_getrec?args=DVhuron.boulder.ibm.com+DBAIX+DA69743+STIY09667+USbin>).  However, IBM chose not to fix the cause of the problem, but to instead modify telnetd to deal with the issue.

The problem occurs in the sshd program; when a program on the server writes a zero-length string to the terminal, the sshd daemon abruptly closes the connection, logging no information.  The following code causes the problem to exhibit itself:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
    int tty_fd;
    int old_tty_fd;
    int old_stdout_fd;
    char str[100];

    old_tty_fd = open("/dev/tty",O_RDWR);
    tty_fd = dup(old_tty_fd);    /* 1 will be /dev/tty */

    strcpy(str,"this is the last thing you will see if sshd is broken.\n");
        fprintf(stderr,"len = %d str = %s",strlen(str),str);
        fprintf(stderr,"len = %d str = %s\n",strlen(str),str);
    write(tty_fd,str,strlen(str));    /* we die here on 433 */
        fprintf(stderr,"if you can read this then all is good.\n");

This bug pops up with both OpenSSH 2.3.0.p1 and 2.5.1p1 (and with the commercial ssh 1.2.26), but only when the daemon is running on 4.3.3-ML3 or higher.  The same daemon works fine on AIX 4.3.2-ML2, and 4.3.3 with no ML applied.

With a lot of help, I figured that the cause of the disconnect is a comparison in the "serverloop.c" file.  Changing the comparison operator from a "<=" to just a "<" in the serverloop.c file fixes the issue.  Here is the code block (taken from the 2.3.0p1 source distribution:

  +304          /* Read and buffer any available stdout data from the program. */
  +305          if (!fdout_eof && FD_ISSET(fdout, readset)) {
  +306                  len = read(fdout, buf, sizeof(buf));
  +307                  if (len < 0 && (errno == EINTR || errno == EAGAIN)) {
  +308                          /* do nothing */
  +309                  } else if (len <= 0) {
  +310                          fdout_eof = 1;
  +311                  } else {
  +312                          buffer_append(&stdout_buffer, buf, len);
  +313                          fdout_bytes += len;
  +314                  }

Line # 309 needs to be changed to ...

  +309                  } else if (len < 0) {

Making the above change in the 2.3.0p1 and the 2.5.1p1 source distributions solves the problem, however, I don't know if there might be any other ill effect, or if the change will have an effect on other platforms.


I haven't seen any resolution of this issue.  I took the "cowardly" way out (meaning, I can't code) by replacing the file "/usr/lib/drivers/ptydd" on my upgraded aix boxen with one from ML-02.

Meta-P.S.: This is the first time I'm using Bugzilla.  Am I doing the right thing?  -s-

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