SFTP with dummy shells

Florin Andrei florin at sgi.com
Sun Feb 24 18:40:30 EST 2002


There was some discussion a while ago on this list about making SFTP
connections for users that don't have a "valid" shell. The solution i
saw on the list was to use sftp-server as a shell.
Now, that's fine and it seems to work. However, i would like to provide
SFTP access to users with arbitrary shells, no matter if the shell exits
immediately (/bin/false) or not (some #!/usr/bin/dialog script).
This would be a kick-ass feature! :-)

Florin Andrei

"When the prime minister is appearing at product launches by a company
twice found by courts to be abusing a monopoly and facing billions of
dollars in lawsuits, you have to ask questions." - Alan Cox

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