Locale problems on Solaris

Daniel Bergman d-b at home.se
Wed Feb 27 08:19:29 EST 2002

I agree with Dan!
Since init reads /etc/default/init and then, on most systems anyway, 
launches SSH from /etc/rc[23].d/S[00-99]opensshd, sshd parent process 
should have the "correct" locale setting. So copying those variables from 
the parent seems like the right approach.

Coping LANG, NLSPATH and LC_* variables into /etc/environment might not be 
a bad idea for sysadmins anyway. /etc/profile or ~/.profile should source 
that file.


> This may be a usable workaround, but it's the wrong solution.  Despite
> appearances, /etc/default/init does NOT contain environment variables
> (per se).  Aside from LANG and LC_*, it contains configuration for
> /etc/init such as TZ and CMASK, which should not get folded into the
> user environment.
> It would be preferable to copy LANG, NLSPATH, and all variables
> beginning with "LC_" into /etc/environment or $HOME/.ssh/environment.
> If you want to fix it in sshd, you should do it by copying those
> variables from the parent sshd process to the session, not be reading
> /etc/default/init.
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