scp 3.1p1 problem on Solaris

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Thu May 2 00:25:07 EST 2002

Lars Hecking wrote:
> Darren Tucker writes:
> > You did reboot it, right?
>  Yes and yes. I am quite familiar with patch-application and related
>  procedures :-) In this case, I was applying the recommended patch cluster
>  plus 112438-01 after an upgrade to Sol8 02/02.

Okedokee. I asked because you didn't mention it. The patch readme
doesn't actually say you have to either.

I've had good results even without recompiling, but I previously used
the ssh built-in prng. I installed the patch (and rebooted!) and sshd
then started immediately instead of hanging for a couple of minutes.


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