scp 3.1p1 problem on Solaris

Lars Hecking lhecking at
Thu May 2 01:24:47 EST 2002

> This is just the progress meter periodically updating, which will happen
> regardless of data flow.
> You need to see why the connection stalls. Does a FTP connection stall 
> between the two hosts? If no, you should try "scp -v -v -v xxxx yy:zzzz"
> to turn on full debugging.

 Thanks for hitting the nail on the head - I should have checked beforehand.
 The problem is not related to either openssh or openssl, sorry for bothering
 you all. The machine came back in 100MBs hdx mode after reboot despite being
 explicitly configured to 100fdx.

 <rant subject=Sun>
 No matter what /var/adm/messages and ndd are telling you at which speed the
 network interface runs, they're lying.

 <rant subject=Cisco>
 Stay away from Cisco switches if you have Sun workstations with hme

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