Using openssh 3.1p1 on Solaris with tcp wrappers 7.6

R. P. Channing Rodgers, M.D. rodgers at
Thu May 2 06:02:42 EST 2002

Dear Open SSH and TCP Wrappers Colleagues,

We are trying to use open ssh 3.1p1 on SPARC platforms
under Solaris 2.8 using gcc 2.95.2, in conjunction with
tcp wrappers 7.6 (IPv6 version).  The wrapping of open ssh
is not too well documented but I think we have figured
most of this out (hearty thanks to Wietse Venema, Jim
Mintha & Niels Provos for their helpful email exchanges) --
but have one final question.  Tcp wrappers can send out
banner messages in response to various network service
requests.  The Banners.makefile that is used to create
the various banner files from a prototype (inserting any
special content that a particular service protocol such
as ftp might require) does contain this comment:

   # Other services: banners may interfere with normal operation
   # so they should probably be used only when refusing service.
   # In particular, banners don't work with standard rsh daemons.
   # You would have to use an rshd that has built-in tcp wrapper
   # support, for example the rshd that is part of the logdaemon
   # utilities.

And there is no target to create a sshd banner.  Is there
a mechanism in open ssh, when using tcp wrappers, to
support a banner?  Thanks in advance for any helpful

We would be happy to share our installation instructions
for both systems and welcome comments about the most
efficient way in which we might do so.

Cheerio, Rick Rodgers

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