[Bug 194] still problems with libutil

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------- Additional Comments From dh at onclick.org  2002-05-11 03:03 -------
Do you call this support!

I already gave the information. Maybe you should learn to read a message to its

To tell you how it looks like for the user of your product:

I disabled the use of libutil (--disable-libutil) but got this configuration output:

  Libraries:   -lutil -lz -lnsl  -lcrypto -lcrypt 

So, at least your configuration option does not render very clearly what
actually happens. A user is a bit confused by that.

Then I get this compilation error:

  /bin/ld -o ssh ssh.o sshconnect.o sshconnect1.o sshconnect2.o sshtty.o
  readconf.o clientloop.o -L. -Lopenbsd-compat/  -lssh -lopenbsd-compat -lutil -lz
  -lnsl  -lcrypto -lcrypt  
  /bin/ld: warning: cannot find entry symbol _start; defaulting to 0804b208
  /usr/lib/libutil.so: undefined reference to `atexit'
  make: *** [ssh] Fehler 1

The second line shows the reference to -lutil. So, libutil is still enabled. The
forelast line expresses that the reference to atexit was not working. But you write:

  - (bal) We no longer use atexit()/xatexit()/on_exit()

So, if not you who else? How the user shall answer this? To him this is only
paradox. So, if not your product uses atexit then at least a product which you
refer to. Then, it is still your problem since that product works otherwise.

Then you write this:

  Maybe what Linux.. Because I have not seen any problems 
  compiling under Redhat nor Mandrake.

Why you ask me this. If I was telling you that I use SuSE would you then know
the solution. Or would you just complement me to my distributor. So, only RedHat
users can get your support? Is RedHat the measure for free source?

To tell you what I am using: Free Source as mother GNU has created it. Did I
loose support now?

I don't use any distribution and, though RedHat took over being the measure,
just the source still works fine. My system consists of thousands of products
like: GNOME, Mozilla, Gnumeric, Evolution, Apache 2.0, PHP4, PERL, Python,
MySQL, PostgreSQL, OpenSSL, the compilation environment (as I wrote earlier I
tested atexit and my little c prog worked out of the box). So, don't tell me
it's my system.

Some product that Open SSH refers to seems to need atexit. Since that product
works otherwise the culprit could be the autoconf system. Maybe your Makefile
does not set environment variables correctly when spitting out gcc commands. 

I did not append a complete make log but send it to the maintainer directly
because bugzilla did everything except sending the message when an attachment
was specified. I lost an hour waiting and trying and waiting and trying.

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