[Bug 194] still problems with libutil

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Sat May 11 03:22:53 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From wendyp at cray.com  2002-05-11 03:22 -------
you might want to remember that the developers are volunteers here.
they are providing support because they want to.
your belligerent attitude will not exactly encourage anyone to
look into your problem.

you should always provide what OS you are running with every bug report.
sometimes others may have come across the same problem.
ben's statement that it works on mandrake and redhat wasn't a shot at
you, but an attempt to better pigeonhole exactly where the problem is.
damien's response looks strange in the order it appears to have been
received, but remember that email can cross and he may have sent it
quite a while before you sent your response.

so, at risk of getting whapped by someone-
please chill out.  these are volunteers and shouldn't be
treated badly when they are trying to figure out a problem
you've waited a year on.

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