[Bug 194] still problems with libutil

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Sat May 11 03:50:59 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From dh at onclick.org  2002-05-11 03:50 -------
You might remember that people now depend on your product because since you
offered it for free many sites just force a user like me to use your product.
Thus, you carry some responsibility. And, that your supporters are volunteers
does not mean that they can write what they want while I have to be quiet. As
you stated correctly I am now without OpenSSH since over a year (on my main
system, my old SuSE uses an older version which is insecure). And, my first
report was posted a month ago now. Since then I only got one creative message
stating that the problem was solved which is not true. Now your volunteers do so
as if the problem does not even exist.

I only got "belligerent" (what is not true, I just tried to get sense into the
communication) because your volunteers were, lets say, the opposite of wordy. I
am in need and would apprecheate some helpful contact. Maybe you consider this.
Or do I have to dance for your volunteers? When they are willing to help?

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