[Bug 194] still problems with libutil

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Sat May 11 05:03:51 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From mouring at eviladmin.org  2002-05-11 05:03 -------
ermm..  This looks like a glibc issue.  Because atexit() is part of glibc.

[mouring at newton ~]$nm /usr/lib/libc.a | grep atexit
00000000 T atexit

So I'm not sure why libutil would be kicking out that error.

This is really not a valid test of atexit(), but can you try compiling this?  
It would at least show us if atexit() support even exists in glibc.

void test(void) { printf("Hello World\n"); }
int main(){ atexit(test); }

BTW, I don't care to get into distro wars.. I work on servers from Linux/Redhat 
to Solaris to NeXTStep.  To tell you the truth they all piss me off for all 
different reasons. =)  And I'm sorry if you feel we are not solving your 
problem, but just randomly disabling libraries is the wrong approach to solve 
this problem.

- Ben 

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