[Bug 194] still problems with libutil

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Sat May 11 05:28:16 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From gem at rellim.com  2002-05-11 05:28 -------
Yo !

I have seen this before.  It happens when some of your libraries a re
built with gcc before < 3.0 and some with gcc >= 3.0. It also is related
to the removal of atexit() from the libc.so file around 26 Feb 01.

It has nothing to do with openssh.  Take this up with the GCC and Glibc
folks that created this mess when they removed atexit from libc.  Your
best fix is to recompile all the libaries you think are being used with
the current compiler.  That is not always sufficient for some projects
like X11 that do strange and unnatural things with dynamic libs.

If you search on google you will see this is drving everyone crazy...

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