socks5 support

Kevin Steves kevin at
Mon May 13 13:31:17 EST 2002

On Sat, 11 May 2002, Michael Robinton wrote:
:> This is best handled by a ProxyCommand helper.
:ProxyCommand helper does not allow you to bridge multiple socks
:servers since it knows nothing about the next server.
:i.e. to go from behind firewall A over the internet to B then behind
:firewall B transparently.

Wouldn't that depend on how full-featured the proxycommand program is?
Below is what Sun did for Solaris 9, which I think is pretty basic.
The complete man page can be found at

Also, there are 2 SOCKS discussions going on I think: one for client
support to connect thru SOCKS servers and another to have SOCKS5
server support for dynamic forwards.


ssh-socks5-proxy-connect - Secure Shell proxy for SOCKS5


/usr/lib/ssh/ssh-socks5-proxy-connect [-h socks5_proxy_host] [-p
socks5_proxy_port] connect_host connect_port


A proxy command for ssh(1) that uses SOCKS5 (RFC 1928). Typical use is
where connections external to a network are only allowed via a socks
gateway server.

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