gvim hangs under ssh

Stephen Rasku stephen at tgivan.com
Tue May 14 02:08:44 EST 2002

I wrote:

>This happens every time.  I:
>	1. ssh into another machine
>	2. start gvim
>	3. Select another color scheme from "Edit | Color Scheme"
>At this point gvim hangs and so does the terminal that I am ssh'ed 
>into.  I am using vim 6.1 on Solaris 7 machines.  I am using:
>	 OpenSSH_2.9p1, SSH protocols 1.5/2.0, OpenSSL 0x0090600f
>This problem doesn't happen if I rlogin and set my DISPLAY variable 
>back to the client machine.  Has anyone else seen this?

Upgrading to ssh 3.1p1 seems to have fixed the problem.

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