Encription in unix and decryption in windows

niladri bhandari niladrida at yahoo.com
Wed May 15 00:14:16 EST 2002

Dear all,
  First we have to encrypt a file in solaris. That
file i have to decrypt in windows. But problem is in
byte allocation.
If I write this way encContent[0] = buf[3];
                encContent[1] = buf[2];
                 encContent[2] = buf[1];
                encContent[3] = buf[0];

                encContent[4] = buf[7];
                encContent[5] = buf[6];
                encContent[6] = buf[5];
                encContent[7] = buf[4]
it will work but in windows side i have to change
again position. I am using blowfish. If you have any
idea kindly help me.

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