trusted hpux 1026 hang on exit

Darren Cole dcole at
Wed May 15 05:22:54 EST 2002

    As some of you know I have working on getting openssh running on trusted
hpux.  Thanks for all your help, and accepting most of the patch I have sent
in.  I am still having one problem.  Hang on exit.  I can login into the
machine, and immediately type exit.  This results in a hang everytime.  In
my patch I had two lines that solved the problem, unfortunately these lines
can cause data watch (which was why those lines were not accepted).

Looking at the code, it appears to me wait_until_can_do_something in
serverloop.c expects to have the master pty returned for read from the
select when all of
the slaves are closed.  Is this correct, or is something else supposed to be
 happening?  This does not happen for /dev/ptym devices, though it will work
from /dev/ptmx.  Then again /dev/ptmx doesn't work with login.  Using lsof
and debug messages I can see all slaves of the master pty closed, but not
the master pty.  This seems like it may be a bug in hpux, but not having
enough experience with pty's I don't know for sure.  Any ideas on where to
look, or acceptable work arounds?

dcole at

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