ssh3 with ssh1

Thu May 16 23:23:40 EST 2002

Not only is Ben absolutely correct that your questions are
going to the wrong list (please try for support on
these products), but:
 - 1.2.26 is not suitable for use on the Internet,
	because of the CRC32 vulnerability.  See
	for info on getting 1.2.32 or later if you really
	need/want to run the commercial version.
 - To the best of my knowledge, and what little I can find
	on the site without downloading new software,
	SSH 2.x and 3.x don't implement the SSH1 protocol,
	so they're not interoperable with 1.2.26 (where did
	you get the information that 1.2.26 was interoperable
	with 3.x?)
 - The error you received
   > > ssh: FATAL: Connecting to harmugi failed: No address 
   > associated to the
   > > name
	doesn't look to me like a problem in any ssh binaries,
	but in your network config.  (Ah, looking now at
	your later message you seem to have gotten that
	sorted...but it looks as though you're still running
	into protocol incompatibilities as mentioned above.)

Please feel free to contact an appropriate list for help...
or check out for info on source code that
I think is a better solution.  Contact me off-list if you
would like info on pre-compiled OpenSSH packages for
Solaris 7 and 8 that I use on a regular basis.

Rip Loomis
Senior Systems Security Engineer, SAIC Secure Business Solutions
Brainbench MVP for Internet Security - 

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> Not sure how this affects us.  Looks like your using SSH 
> Corp's 3.1.0 and
> 1.2.26 programs.
> - Ben
> On Thu, 16 May 2002, Muhammad Mughal wrote:
> >
> > On Solaris 8, I have ssh 3.1.0 and on other box Sol 7 I 
> have 1.2.26 (min
> > version for comtable with ssh 3), ...

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