OpenSSH 3.2.2 released : chroot

Dan Astoorian djast at
Tue May 21 23:17:50 EST 2002

On Tue, 21 May 2002 06:31:09 EDT, Markus Friedl writes:
> chroot at sshd level requires a sftp-server binary in every chroot target
> and that's not desirable.

The same is true for a shell wrapper.  Chroot() at any level above the
sftp-server binary itself would require an sftp-server binary in the
chroot() targets.

The alternatives would seem to be
a) An sftp-server binary in every chroot target
b) Making sftp-server setuid-root and teaching it how to chroot().

a) is inconvenient for the sysadmin, but b) seems somewhat riskier from
a security standpoint.

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