[Bug 245] SSH can not log out under Solaris 2.6

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Tue May 28 20:59:26 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From pitu at caipy.de  2002-05-28 20:59 -------
Hi there, additional informations:

I installed openssh3.2.2p1 under Solaris 2.6 with the 
following solution I found in the mailinglist (I wonder that the same error is still in it 

#define _FILE_OFFSET_BITS 64    (This is already in)
#define _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE     
(This I added)

into config.h.

So I got also the message that is meantioned from tcsh, it 
apears when
starting a new shell.

 "Warning: no access to tty (Inappropriate ioctl
device). Thus no job control in this shell."

But also I got a similar message when starting 
bash instead:

 "bash: no job control in this shell"

So if one already applied the patch 
please check this behavior?


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