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James Dennis jdennis at
Wed May 29 04:57:29 EST 2002

Hello everyone,
In response to emails such as the one below I have started a sourceforge site for this patch. If your chuckling to yourself at the thought of a sourceforge site over a patch, well, I did too when I first thought of it. I don't have the bandwidth requirements at home to host it and Harvard Law School doesn't want to host the patch for me either.
Please check out
I have some very basic documentation online, but it should give a general idea of how to use it. I'd love suggestions or anything else you feel the site lacks. Seeing as the patches are quite easy to make my main goal for the site is to provide enough documentation that I can continue to update the patches and users and can download them and follow the documentation to set it up (and because classes will be taking up time I'd otherwise use to answer questions).
Please try not to overwhelm me. :)
PS. I'm expecting to be overwhelmed with this as I usally am, with replies so please try to make your questions "good questions" and try my documentation first. :)

On Tue, 28 May 2002 13:31:23 -0500
hutch at wrote:

> Hello James!
> I noticed a post of yours for an OpenSSH chroot patch, but I do not seem 
> to be able to find your updated patch in the message you sent.
> Here is the referenced post:
> Would it be possible to post the patch to the newsgroup or send it to me 
> as an attachment? I would greatly appreciate it, as I'm trying to get 
> chrooted SFTP going in my environment.
> Thanks!
> Brandon

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