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Jean-Michel POURE jm.poure at
Thu May 30 02:43:51 EST 2002

Le Mardi 28 Mai 2002 20:57, James Dennis a écrit :
> Hello everyone,
> In response to emails such as the one below I have started a sourceforge
> site for this patch. If your chuckling to yourself at the thought of a
> sourceforge site over a patch, well, I did too when I first thought of it.
> I don't have the bandwidth requirements at home to host it and Harvard Law
> School doesn't want to host the patch for me either. Please check out
> I have some very basic documentation online, but it should give a general
> idea of how to use it. I'd love suggestions or anything else you feel the
> site lacks. Seeing as the patches are quite easy to make my main goal for
> the site is to provide enough documentation that I can continue to update
> the patches and users and can download them and follow the documentation to
> set it up (and because classes will be taking up time I'd otherwise use to
> answer questions). Please try not to overwhelm me. :)
> -James
> PS. I'm expecting to be overwhelmed with this as I usally am, with replies
> so please try to make your questions "good questions" and try my
> documentation first. :)

Hi James,

I can hardly read the html pages because of their colours. Apart from that, I 
would love to apply the patch to existing OpenSSH rpms for Mandrake and 
RedHat. OpenSSH needs a chroot patch.

Jean-Michel POURE

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