privsep patch, Please test

Mathias Koerber mathias at
Thu May 30 13:59:34 EST 2002

> Can you make the following change to just before the mmap()..  Thanks.
>         if (address == MAP_FAILED)
> -                fatal("mmap(%lu)", (u_long)size);
> +                fatal("mmap(%lu) %s", (u_long)size, strerror(errno));
> I need to know what mmap is setting errno to.  Otherwise I'm making a
> guess in the dark (which is 2.2 Linux mmap is fucked, or you have a
> version of glibc that has a bad mmap).

I am starting to suspect the latter and am willing to upgrade
(though not my kernel, which has a few non-standard drivers that
I might not get running again :-).

What glibc should I have for 2.2.13? will the latest do or are there
inter-compatibility problems that mean I need a specific version?

(and where to get it... :-)


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