OpenSSH 3.2.3p1 won't compile under IRIX 6.5.14

Kevin Steves kevin at
Thu May 30 14:51:20 EST 2002

On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 03:41:32PM -0700, David Foster wrote:
> You can fix this by adding the definition for SCM_RIGHTS
> explicitly to ./monitor_fdpass.c, which comes from 
> <sys/socket.h> (which is not #include'd):
> #define SCM_RIGHTS      0x1010          /* access rights (array of int) */
> It doesn't work to simply include this file, since:
>   #ifdef _XOPEN_SOURCE
>   /* "Socket"-level control message types: */
>   #define SCM_RIGHTS      0x01            /* access rights (array of int) */
>   #endif /* _XOPEN_SOURCE */

should we be using a UNIX95 (or whatever) namespace for IRIX?

> There is no such dependency on _XOPEN_SOURCE under Solaris.

same questions for solaris.  we're using older style fd passing
on solaris even though it appears to be capable of ancillary data
(at least on solaris 8).

also look at how HP-UX is handled in, which i believe
is correct for openssh usage.

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