ScanMail Message: To Sender, sensitive content found and action t aken.

marco.ortisi at marco.ortisi at
Sat Nov 9 21:25:47 EST 2002

> Trend SMEX Content Filter has detected sensitive content.
> Place = openssh-unix-dev at; ; 
> Sender = marco.ortisi at
> Subject = bug on openssh 3.5p1
> Delivery Time = November 08, 2002 (Friday) 11:46:17
> Policy = Dirty Words
> Action on this mail = Quarantine message 
> Warning message from administrator:
> Notice: A message you sent appears to have violated GE Financial Assurance
> email policies for inappropriate language or content and may not have been
> received by the recipient.

My email was clear and there wasn't dirty words on it!
I have only signaled a possible implementation bug on OpenSSH

Marco Ortisi

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