contrib/solaris/ - use within JumpStart as well?

Scott Burch scott.burch at
Thu Nov 28 14:29:17 EST 2002


You might also consider using Jumpstart with Webstart Flash, in that
case you will already have your package installed. Flashing new server
installations is much faster than the traditional Jumpstart and
sometimes you just don't have time to build unattended installations for
complex packages when you have to deploy large amounts of machines
quickly. Where I work I create a base image that contains Veritas
Foundation Suite, DiskSuite, Openssh, and anything else that we need on
most servers. Patches, any non-standard packages and package removals
can be handled with finish (aka driver scripts). A Flash archive is
basically a cpio archive and it can be used on any machine of the same
architecture. All of our servers are ultra class machines; so if I
create an image on an ultra10 it is usable on a 4810, E4500, 280R, etc.
The difference in installation time is hours! A machine can be flashed
easily in 30 minutes with the base image; if I did a standard Jump it
would take several hours (assuming you install everything + OEM).


On Wed, 2002-11-27 at 18:37, Kenneth Lareau wrote:
> Hello,
> I don't know how off the wall this question will be, but first let me
> say that I've found your script very useful in creating
> an OpenSSH package for use on my Solaris systems.  Currently I'm trying
> to set up a fully automated JumpStart system at my workplace, and I'm
> realizing that the 'postinstall' script (and possibly some of the other
> install scripts) won't work cleanly from within a JumpStart install.
> Do you know if anyone, perhaps yourself, have tried to make this work?
> I've given it a few tries myself, but with not much success.
> I'll be fully understanding if the response is, "I have no ****ing clue
> how to do what you ask", but I thought I should at least try. :)  Thank
> you in advance for any help you can give.s 
> Kenneth Lareau
> elessar at
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