ssh-agent (3.7.1p2) fails for more than 7 keys

Andreas Steinmetz ast at
Wed Dec 3 09:26:59 EST 2003

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I do have the following problem:
When adding more than 7 keys to ssh-agent (openssh-3.7.1p2/Linux 2.4) 
only the first 7 keys work. All other keys fail when trying to set up a 
ssh connection with:

Received disconnect from *.*.*.*: 2: Too many authentication failures 
for *****

Note: *=censored

All keys work when added to ssh-agent as one of the first seven keys, 
none of the key works when added as the 8th or any later key to ssh-agent.

All connections are V2, the keys are 1024 and 2048 bit RSA  keys.
Please let me know if further information is required.
Andreas Steinmetz

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