Compact SSH? (re: enough processing power)

Thomas DuBuisson tomd at
Sun Dec 7 06:34:36 EST 2003

While this is hardly the project focus the boards I am using can handle a 
slave Rabbit 2000 which could be added and dedicated to SSH.  Extern 
memory is also an option - but again, this is not a focus so if it is 
added it would be down the road.

That said, I will update the list if/when an SSH program is implemented 
in the project. Thanks for the discussion and recommendations.

Thomas DuBuisson

On Sat, 6 Dec 2003, Darren Tucker wrote:

> On Thu, 04 Dec 2003 10:47:55 -0800, Thomas DuBuisson muttered:
> > I am looking for a micro ssh server/client implementation.  This
> > implementation would have to be small enough to run on microprocessors.
> > e.g. systems with <512KB memory and ~20Mhz 8bit processors - like a Rabbit
> > or a PIC.
> You might want to investigate dropbear for the server side.  It's a
> server-only SSH2 implementation.
> [quote]
> Features
> * A small memory footprint - Dropbear can compile to a 110kB statically
> linked binary with uClibc (and only minimal options selected).
> [/quote]
> Are you sure you have enough CPU for this?  People have issues with speed
> on eg, older SPARCs, and they're faster and 32 bit...
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