SSH for OS/390 (ODBC SSH-Tunneling to OS/390)

Daragh Fitzpatrick Daragh at
Tue Dec 23 02:22:14 EST 2003

Hi Florian,

	we're currently looking at 7 different ways to approach this, now
including Stunnel ;)



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On Fri, Dec 19, 2003 at 10:45:11AM -0600, Daragh Fitzpatrick wrote:
> 	The vendor that is providing the ODBC listener on the Mainframe side

> says they can provide SSL encryption as an alternative, but there are 
> no SSL-enabled ODBC drivers on the distributed side that we can find.
> 	We hoped we could use SSH-tunneling, but it appears the only 
> 'obvious' implementation has EBCDIC-ASCII issues, and so can't handle 
> binary (now, I don't know for sure that ODBC is binary, but I'm 
> hedging my bets.)

If the server side is in fact SSL-enabled, you could use stunnel on the
clients for SSL tunneling. I don't know if it is iteroperable between ASCII
and EBCDIC platforms, though.

Also, if I remember correctly, somebody has ported SSH to BS/2000, which is
also a EBCDIC platform. You might find something about this in the list



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