ssh works fine, scp fails

Bob Proulx bob at
Mon Jun 16 02:09:33 EST 2003

Martin Pitt wrote:
> I have the following problem: ssh works very fine, but scp fails as
> soon as it wants to start the actual transfer:

[...Darren's had good suggestions...]

> - piping over ssh with "echo Hello | ssh mpitt at 'cat > x'"
>   which fails with exactly the same error.

That fact that this fails is disconcerting.  You say that interactive
ssh works but as soon as you run a command it fails?

I see two changes from interactive in the above.  One is that stdin is
now a pipe and two is that there is a command.  Try just doing one
thing at a time and what does it say.

  ssh mpitt at id

  echo id | ssh mpitt at

The "pseudo terminal" message is expected.

I am also assuming that you have checked out any problems with a
possible .bashrc file which could be causing trouble.  If bash can
detect that it is running from a remote shell ala rsh/ssh then it
sources the user's .bashrc file.  I would double check your
environment files.  zsh and others probably do something similar.

One of the FAQ's is that your environment can't say anything for
non-interactive sessions.  Your original message leads me to believe
you know about this.  But just making sure.

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