ssh works fine, scp fails

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Sun Jun 15 22:37:16 EST 2003

Martin Pitt wrote:
> > What does the server log say?
> Jun 15 14:20:23 paprika sshd[13368]: Accepted publickey for pitt from port 33024 ssh2
> Jun 15 14:20:24 paprika PAM_unix[32033]: (ssh) session opened for user pitt by (uid=1016)
> Authentication works properly as I already explained. The connection
> is reset as soon as the data transfer is to be started.

OK, another possibility is that scp is linked to a library that is not in
the non-interactive LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  Try: "ssh server scp -V".  That
should just give a usage statement if all is well.

Could you please specify which OS, OS version and OpenSSH version and
configuration options both client and server are running?

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