errors when running multiple openssh sessions

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Tue Jun 17 10:09:25 EST 2003

On Mon, Jun 16, 2003 at 03:53:30PM -0500, Ben Lindstrom wrote:
> Sounds like someone is not reading the manpages. <smile>
> man sshd_config
> [..]
>      MaxStartups
>              Specifies the maximum number of concurrent unauthenticated con-
>              nections to the sshd daemon.  Additional connections will be
>              dropped until authentication succeeds or the LoginGraceTime ex-
>              pires for a connection.  The default is 10.
>              Alternatively, random early drop can be enabled by specifying the
>              three colon separated values ``start:rate:full'' (e.g.,
>              "10:30:60").  sshd will refuse connection attempts with a proba-
>              bility of ``rate/100'' (30%) if there are currently ``start''
>              (10) unauthenticated connections.  The probability increases lin-
>              early and all connection attempts are refused if the number of
>              unauthenticated connections reaches ``full'' (60).
> Default is '10'.. I bump it up to 20 and your script works fine.

Great, thanks.  Sorry I didn't RTFM.

I've killed the bugzilla entry I made.


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