AW: AW: Re: Patch for Socks5 support for dynamic portforwaring?

Dan Kaminsky dan at
Wed Jun 25 19:56:48 EST 2003

Alex Peuchert wrote:

>Well, SOCKS5 supports UDP forwarding ... so if openssh dynamic port
>forwarding ( -D ) would support the SOCKS5 protocol then openssh would
>include UDP forwarding from/to a remote host!
>Wouldn't this be really cool?
SOCKS5 doesn't exactly support UDP forwarding...what it does is create a 
port on the listener that you send your UDP packets to instead, and 
reports that to your client.  Then your client sends UDP packets there, 
and they're reflected (still as UDP) where they were really supposed to go.

This is _much_ more complicated than a few bytes at the beginning of a 
TCP session announcing where the link was really supposed to go to

It's really tricky to define how you'd encap UDP in SSH.  You'd almost 
literally need a new SSH packet type, and unless we can show how it 
would save kittens and bring peace to the middle east, that ain't going 
to happen.


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