Agent Socket Directory

Bob Proulx bob at
Thu Mar 20 11:25:11 EST 2003

Tim McGarry wrote:
> I like the idea of using /var/run it's definately where it _should_ be.
> But, /tmp has already been used for some time and I see no actual advantage
> in changing it at this stage, so leave it where it always was.

I could be happy with it somewhere else (not /var/run) but perhaps.

But think of this.  Right now if you run a tmp cleaner such as
'tmpreaper' or other such thing, or purge on reboot, old dead sockets
and directories will get cleaned up from the current /tmp location.
If you put that location somewhere else then you need to install an
infrastructure to clean up this other place.  Otherwise it will
eventually fill with trash.  That infrastructure already exists for
/tmp and it is somewhat nice to keep it in use for this purpose.

Also any place which is user writable is a tmp directory.  There are
already two of those on all systems with /tmp and /var/tmp.  Once it
is user writable it can't be specified that it only be used for ssh.
Adding another tmp dir to the system is something I wish to avoid.


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