[Bug 69] Generalize SSH_ASKPASS

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------- Additional Comments From astrand at lysator.liu.se  2003-03-26 21:10 -------
>hmmm, alternately you can fake it by setting "DISPLAY=foo"

But this is an ugly workaround. Then *other* applications might think that there
actually is a working Xserver available. 

Face it: The need for transmitting a password to SSH in a secure way has
*nothing* to do with X11 or terminal ttys, at all. Most applications have some
good mechanism for doing this (vncviewer, rdesktop, smbclient, etc); it's just
crazy that OpenSSH doesn't. 

Personally, I prefer a new option instead of SSH_ALWAYS_ASKPASS, but that is no
big issue. 

I also think that the host key confirmation should not use SSH_ASKPASS, but
another variable (for example, SSH_KEY_CONFIRM). The current GUI which requires
the user to type "yes" is very un-intuitive. People just don't understand it.
The GUI should have a "Yes/No" button dialog instead, just like Putty have. 

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