[Bug 69] Generalize SSH_ASKPASS

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Wed Mar 26 21:29:28 EST 2003


------- Additional Comments From dwmw2 at infradead.org  2003-03-26 21:29 -------
This bug also affects use of openssh under the Opie palmtop environment, and the
current hackish workaround is to set the DISPLAY variable -- which _can_ have
the effect of confusing some programs into thinking they're running in an X
environment instead of under Opie, and doing the wrong thing.

The presence or absence of a $DISPLAY should be entirely irrelevant to ssh when
deciding whether to use $SSH_ASKPASS or not.

There's certainly a case for contining the 'if a tty is available, use it'
behaviour, but it should certainly be _possible_ to override that in some way
other than actually detaching from the tty to prevent ssh from trying to use it.

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