[Bug 520] Recursive operations

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Thu Mar 27 09:06:07 EST 2003


------- Additional Comments From mouring at eviladmin.org  2003-03-27 09:06 -------
fts would be easy enough to use for recursive.  I think 'put' can be written in 
a matter of a night or two (Assuming one is awake <chuckle>), but there is one 
minor downfall to fts.   It assuming all access is local.  And unlike glob it 
does not support the ability to override opendir(), readdir(), closedir(), lstat
() and stat().

Unless there is something I'm missing get and put can't both use fts effectly 
without forking the code and rewriting small chunks of it.

Would be nice if fts could be modified to support virtualizing those function 
calls, but with it having a chance of going into POSIX (some century) I doubt 
the API can change much.

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