ssh-agent asking for passphrase on non-keyed connections

Jason McCormick jason at
Tue May 13 05:26:25 EST 2003

  I'm running into some odd behavior that I can't figure out that I'm 
hoping someone can help me with.  After years of SSH usage, I've 
decided to exchange one laziness for another and use ssh-agent.  
However I'm running into an odd instance where ssh is asking for the 
passphrase to my key stored in ~/.ssh/id_dsa when attempting to connect 
to a machine with nothing in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and the key 
properly active in ssh-agent.  For example:

[user at host ~]$ ssh user at foo
Last login: Mon May 12 15:06:33 2003 from host
[user at foo ~]$

Never asks for a passphrase and I'm logged in perfectly.  However now if 
I ssh to root on the same box (with no /root/.ssh/authorized_keys) I'm 
prompted for the passphrase for my key and then prompted for the 
password for root.  For example:

[user at host ~]$ ssh root at foo
Enter passphrase for key '/home/user/.ssh/id_dsa':
root at foo's password:
Last login: Tue May  6 11:44:59 2003 from host
[root at foo root]#

After talking with Ben, I was under the impression that the 
correct/desired behavior is that I would only be prompted for the 
root at foo password.  Any thoughts or suggestions on this?  I didn't see 
anything in the FAQ or mailing list about this so I'm assuming I have a 
configuration glitch somewhere.

-- Jason

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