blibpath changes for AIX

Markus Alt altmark at
Fri May 16 01:03:08 EST 2003

Darren Tucker wrote:
> Markus Alt wrote:
> > This has worked fine for former versions of OpenSSH, but with 3.6.1p2,
> > /opt/freeware/lib apparently does not get added to blibpath during the
> > build. As a matter of fact, after installing the RPM, sshd refuses to
> > start as it cannot find libcrypto.a in /usr/lib or /lib.
> Yeah, there's a reason for this:
> "Portable OpenSSH: Dangerous AIX linker behavior"

I've seen that.
> > If I add 'export blibpath="/opt/freeware/lib:/usr/lib:/lib"' to the SPEC
> > file before running configure, all works well. But I would expect to get
> > /opt/freeware/lib added to blibpath automatically by the --with-ssl-dir
> > option.
> Good idea, but it would need to be sanity checked (eg
> --with-ssl-dir=../openssl-0.9.7b/ or --with-ssl-dir=/tmp/openssl-0.9.7b
> would produce exploitable binaries).

So the new behaviour is a kind of security measure if I understand this
correctly. And I will have to judge whether I trust the installation in
the given directory, but this will not happen automatically. Makes

Thanks for your quick response!


Markus Alt
IBM Lab Boeblingen, Germany
altmark at

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