sshd crashing on IRIX (3.6.1p1)

Kevin Taylor ktaylor at
Fri May 23 00:42:18 EST 2003

Occasionally, we're noticing that sshd is core dumping on our IRIX 
6.5.18f machine.

The only time we've really noticed it is when users are logging in with 
putty from offsite (although I'm not really sure it's a client issue).

The user manages to log in, sshd apparently core dumps, but the user is 
not logged out, the privilege separated user is still running their own 
personal sshd spawn, and the parent is 1, so the root owned sshd process 
is gone.

wtmp is not updated, so the only way you can tell the user is logged in 
is by listing their processes.

The end user doesn't notice that anything happened...and this doesn't 
ALWAYS happen, but I can't correlate any system event and this. It will 
happen when the system is first started, and it will happen when it's 

dbx output of the core file lists this (removed user info):

 >  0 realfree(0x101522c8, 0x101520d8, 0x0, 0x6d642e63, 0x6d642e60, 0x1, 
0x10166958, 0x0) 
    1 cleanfree(0x0, 0x101520d8, 0x0, 0x6d642e63, 0x6d642e60, 0x1, 
0x10166958, 0x0) 
    2 __malloc(0x260, 0x101520d8, 0x0, 0x6d642e63, 0x6d642e60, 0x1, 
0x10166958, 0x0) 
    3 _malloc(0x0, 0x101520d8, 0x0, 0x6d642e63, 0x6d642e60, 0x1, 
0x10166958, 0x0) 
    4 xmalloc(size = 608) 
["/usr/local/src/security/openssh-3.6.1p1/xmalloc.c":28, 0x10065934]
    5 login_alloc_entry(pid = 13759, username = 0x101520d8 = "user", 
hostname = 0x101522a8 = "", line = 0x1014a22c = 
"/dev/ttyq7") ["/usr/local/src/security/openssh-3.6.1p1/loginrec.c":325, 
    6 record_login(pid = 13759, ttyname = 0x1014a22c = "/dev/ttyq7", 
user = 0x101520d8 = "user", uid = ####, host = 0x101522a8 = 
"", addr = 0x7fff24b0, addrlen = 16) 
["/usr/local/src/security/openssh-3.6.1p1/sshlogin.c":72, 0x1002be58]
    7 mm_record_login(s = 0x1014a1f8, pw = 0x1015dbb8) 
["/usr/local/src/security/openssh-3.6.1p1/monitor.c":1030, 0x10042c24]
    8 mm_answer_pty(socket = 6, m = 0x7fff25a0) 
["/usr/local/src/security/openssh-3.6.1p1/monitor.c":1080, 0x10042ecc]
    9 monitor_read(pmonitor = 0x10152650, ent = 0x10137750, pent = 
(nil)) ["/usr/local/src/security/openssh-3.6.1p1/monitor.c":371, 0x10040ef4]
    10 monitor_child_postauth(pmonitor = 0x10152650) 
["/usr/local/src/security/openssh-3.6.1p1/monitor.c":334, 0x10040d4c]
    11 privsep_postauth(authctxt = 0x10151560) 
["/usr/local/src/security/openssh-3.6.1p1/sshd.c":665, 0x10025f18]
    12 main(ac = 1, av = 0x7fff2fa4) 
["/usr/local/src/security/openssh-3.6.1p1/sshd.c":1533, 0x10028a28]
    13 __start() 

Any helpful thoughts?

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