Administrivia: mailing list updates

Damien Miller djm at
Sat May 24 02:13:14 EST 2003


You may have noticed some small changes to the list over the last few
days. These are a result of the mailing list server and software being
upgraded. This has brought several changes:

1. Automatic detection of bouncing subscribers.

The newer version of the list software encodes an individual return-path
address to detect recipients whose mail is bouncing. If too many bounces
are detected, their subscription will be disabled.

If you think this has happened to you, please use the list web interface
to reactivate yourself.

2. Changes to list headers

The upgrade to the newer version of Mailman changed the headers that are
automatically added to each message that passes through the list. This
will likely have broken some users' mail filtering software (it broke
mine...). Use the X-Been-Here or List-Id headers to filter on, as these
are unlikely to change.

3. Better Spam blocking

I have also installed a recent version of SpamAssassin and have trained
its Bayesing filtering with spam I have been collecting for around eight
years (>15,000 messages). This was switched on a few minutes ago, so
_hopefully_ we should see less spam on the list from now on.

There may be a few more minor changes in the near future, the most
notable of which will be the blocking of HTML email.

Please report any problems to me.

Damien Miller

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