patch to make openssh use gpg

Joel N. Weber II openssh-dev at
Thu May 29 15:33:44 EST 2003

Hash: SHA1 has a patch that adds
support for using OpenPGP format keys for both host and user
authentication, using gpg.  The host key authentication makes use of
the web of trust in a useful way; the user authentication may not be
so useful in that regard.

I'd like to see people test this code and send me feedback; having
knowledgeable people read the code and make sure it seems to be correct
would certainly be very helpful, but having the code get tested would
also be helpful.  At this point, I'd be interested in reports from
people who test it and find that it works just fine, if that is
actually happening.  I think I've gotten the code to the point where
I'm not going to improve it any furthur without feedback from others.

And if you want your favorite OS distribution to include a version of
openssh with this patch, consider sending them a feature request type
bug report with a pointer to the patch.

Version: GnuPG v1.2.0 (NetBSD)


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