Testing of recent commits

Darren Tucker dtucker at zip.com.au
Wed Nov 19 11:32:51 EST 2003

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
[current won't build on Cygwin]
> 20031015
>     - (dtucker) [acconfig.h configure.ac dns.c openbsd-compat/getrrsetbyname.c
>       openbsd-compat/getrrsetbyname.h] DNS fingerprint support is now always
>       compiled in but disabled in config.
> The problem is that this change requires a system to have the
> DNS query functions and header files arpa/nameser.h and resolv.h
> which are not available on Cygwin.  There exists an implementation
> but it's not part of Cygwin so far.

That change matched one synced from OpenBSD where all of the "#ifdef DNS"
fragments vanished.  Maybe portable needs them back, or needs some dummy
resolver functions in openbsd-compat?  There's a chance some other
platforms will have the same issue too.

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