Build fails on AIX 5.2

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Wed Oct 1 11:57:10 EST 2003

Doug Griswold wrote:
> I'm trying to build openssh-3.7.1p2 on aix and am currently failing with
> the build errors below.  This is a
> default build no special config options.  I was able to build 3.6.1p2
> with the patches but havn't been able to build any version of 3.7.  I
> saw some changes were made to aix files in the changelog.
> /usr/include/sys/audit.h:284: warning: `\' followed by white space at
> end of line
> /usr/include/sys/audit.h:287: warning: `\' followed by white space at
> end of line

We now include some more system headers.  Unfortunately, 2 have problems
that trip up earlier gcc's (you're using the gcc-2.9x that came on the
toolbox CD, right)?

You can either upgrade your gcc version or edit the system headers. 
Details are here:

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