[seeking help in using openssh to communicate b/w unix & windows. URGENT!!!]

PAUL TROUT ptrout at usa.net
Tue Oct 7 02:48:27 EST 2003

You might try the free SSH client, putty (from:
http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/).  It has a command line
SCP client (pscp) that will allow you to securely copy the file from Unix box,
under windows.  I've used it and had excellent results.

Good luck,

"Manish K" <manish.k at db.com> wrote:

Hi I got the email-id from the web site.
Kindly let me know whether we can use ssh to communicate b/w unix &
windows(the initiation has to be from unix only), if yes then how & where can
i find the releated informations
If its not possible usnig the ssh then whats the other way to pull or push
file from Unix usnig a encrypted way where the password is not hacked on the
Kindly let us know  in detail as soon as possible. It will be a great help if
you all can do for me.

Thanks & Regards,
Manish k
GTO/GBD-ITO/ Banking Systems Asia - IDMS
Deutsche Bank
Tel : 6423 6731
Fax : 62241029


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