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Steve Hammond bluestellqi at
Wed Oct 8 15:03:24 EST 2003

   We Do What Viagra Can't

   BLUE STEEL, a doctor approved, all-natural, 100% safe and effective
   sexual performance accelorator. Our GMP certified, scientifically
   formulated product contains the trademarked ingredient, Cernitin.

   BLUE STEEL is not a synthetic drug. It is a proprietary blended,
   natural supplement consisting of the highest quality ingredients. Even
   with natural ingredients, however, dosages and concentration levels
   are important for maintaining effectiveness and safety.

   BLUE STEEL was designed to produce the following results:
   Girth: ? up to 2"
   Length: 1" up to 3 ?
   Stamina: up to 74% harder erections, this will help contribute to
   longer sexual experiences.
   Climax: from 7 to 26 physical penile contractions during orgasm. The
   average male experiences between 4 and 7.
   Libido: enhanced feelings and stimulated sexual arousal combine to
   increase desire.
   Recovery: faster recovery time eans more sex more often.

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