openssh-3-7-1p2: sftp issue from Cygwin Build

Lee-Lun, Michael [IT] michael.leelun at
Thu Oct 9 23:20:36 EST 2003

It's commented out.


/* Define in your struct dirent expects you to allocate extra space for
d_name */

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On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Lee-Lun, Michael [IT] wrote:

> Anyone have any problems with sftp-server on 3.7.1p2?  When I sftp to
> server i get this when I do an ls -l:
> sftp> ls -l
> ?-w-rwxrwx    0 1        16832           3 Oct 26  1993

What does the BROKEN_ONE_BYTE_DIRENT_D_NAME line in your config.h say?

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