couldnot import hostname error with ssh - NO Gssapiauthentication

Kumaresh kumar_ind at
Fri Oct 10 21:55:31 EST 2003

Sorry for the previous mail with wrong subject. That was mistakenly sent.

Hi All,

I have a doubt.

I am using OpenSSH-3.6.1p2. I have patched the source with simon's GSSAPI

My configuration in the ssh_config has a line
"GssApiAuthentication no"

Now, even though I am NOT using the GSSAPI authentication, when I run the
ssh in my machine to the a sshd server, I am getting
"Couldn't import hostname".
and the client connection aborts.

When I browse the code, this is from kexgssc.c line #69 in function
"kexgss_client". This is basically when the ssh_gssapi_import_name( ) is
called.But I could not capture this in gdb.

Could anyone shed some light on when will the kexgss_client will be called
and what could be the reason for this error, [mentioned above]?

Advance thanks

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